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I'm Just Me - Anti-Bullying Resources


We believe in children’s rights to go through school, to go through life, without the fear of being bullied, without fear of just being themselves! We have powerful blogs and truthful testimonials with real bullying stories that will help you take on the bullying epidemic.

 We want to promote confident children who will stand up for themselves, kids that do not accept being bullied, and are not afraid to shout,

No, that’s NOT ok!

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When a child hurts, we all hurt.

Let’s teach our kids to take action. Let’s teach them to be strong, and show them what they’re made of. Promise yourself today, I WILL NOT LET MY CHILD BE THE VICTIM TO BULLYING. Let’s embark on this journey together and protect our kids from oppressors. Read on my friend, comment, and help others!

i am beautiful 

i am confident 

i am respected

i am powerful

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Believe in the Power of


We want to promote confident children, who will stand up and believe in themselves, kids that do not accept being bullied. It starts with confidence. Give your child strong daily affirmations to boost confidence!  

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I'm Just Me - Anti-Bullying Resources

About Mona

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I'm Just Me - Anti-Bullying Resources

Being a single mother to an 11-year-old navigating the challenges of middle school, I've witnessed my son face bullying numerous times.

It came to appoint where I dreaded hearing my phone ring. Looking at the caller ID, my heart would immediately sink. That was a terrible feeling to have, especially at work.  Encouraging him to confide in me, he's learned to navigate his battles, even if it meant facing suspension for standing up for himself. Read More

A Time to Fight Back

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I'm Just Me - Anti-Bullying Resources

“Mom, he slapped me in front of everyone & threw my backpack in the garbage!” A Time to Fight Back (Or Not)  True Stories “What If I’m Hit First?” “When Should I Stand Up for Myself?” “When Should I Take Things Into My Own Hands?”

I'm Just Me® is for all parents who want to take action against children being bullied. No one has the right to demean our babies, not even the ones they consider ‘friends’. Read our blogs which include real, true-life stories! Read on and become empowered, you are not alone. 💪

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