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It’s Simple, Our Mission is to Eradicate Bullying and Boost the Confidence of Children.
One Kid at a Time!

I'm Just Me - Anti-Bullying Resources

We spread strong affirmations that you can instill in your children. These affirmations will boost their confidence and promote them to just be themselves – they are perfect the way they are. We want to promote confident children who will stand up for themselves, kids that do not accept being bullied and is not afraid to shout, “No, that’s NOT ok!”

Bullies themselves have something deeper going on, but curing every bully is not a possibility, neither is it our intention. We intent to train those that are bullied. We help them stand up for themselves and fight back. No matter what happens, they should never lose their confidence.

Let’s make one thing certain today – we’ll not stand back and watch our child fall. We’ll take action. We’ll teach our kids to take action. We’ll teach them to be strong, take on the world like Hercules, and show them what they’re made of.

This website is the one-stop for all those parents who’re coping with their kids being bullied. It’s not to be taken lightly. No one has the right to demean our baby, not even the ones they consider ‘friends’.

Promise yourself today, I WILL NOT LET MY CHILD BE THE VICTIM.

Let’s embark on this journey together and protect our kids from these oppressors.

I'm Just Me - Anti-Bullying Resources

Just Mona

A single mother to a beautiful son who just started middle school. My son got bullied, not once, not twice but several times since the start of his school life. The bullying began while he was still in elementary school and continued through middle school.

The one thing I always taught him was to share with me – tell me everything. Eventually, he learned how to fight his own battles, also when to fight and when not to. He even got suspended for standing up for himself, but, looking at the bigger picture, he learned not to let himself be victimized.

These affirmations made his path to standing up against the bullies easier:


He took all the advice I gave him on how to stand up for himself, and also how to ignore. Through my blogs, I’ll be sharing all my advice with you guys. Together, we can protect our kids, if not eliminate bullying altogether.

I'm Just Me - Anti-Bullying Resources

“Mom, he slapped me in front of everyone & threw my backpack in the garbage!” A Time to Fight Back (Or Not)  True Stories “What If I’m Hit First?” “When Should I Stand Up for Myself?” “When Should I Take Things Into My Own Hands?”

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