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10 Random Acts of Kindness For Children

Updated: Mar 14

As parents, it's normal to aspire for our children to be the best they can be in life. That's why we take them to the best schools we can afford and treat them to the most nutritious meals. It's also why we work so hard to give them a solid head start in life. 

As we go through life trying to balance all our roles, it’s easy to get so engrossed in those areas that we may forget to teach them essential soft skills like kindness and empathy. That’s understandable. 

Our children’s all-round development is essential to living the balanced life that we crave for them. Teaching them to be kind can improve their self-esteem and give them a great sense of belonging. In fact, kindness enhances relationships and improves low mood. It could also be the key to ending terrible situations such as bullying.  

Kindness is so important that February is dubbed the National Random Acts of Kindness Month. However, every day is a good day to spread joy and kindness to everyone, including strangers. 

Read on to find creative, fun ways for your kids to spread love and show kindness this season.

Top 10 Random Ways Your Children Can Show Kindness

Teaching kindness to your kids starts with letting them the practical ways they can show empathy and help others. These are 10 random kindness activities they can perform now and again:

Speak Up for Someone

Seeking justice for someone else is one beautiful way children can show kindness to themselves. Encourage them to speak up for another kid about getting punished for something they didn't do. Having someone else's back makes them feel protected and supported. 

Compliment a Stranger 

A simple compliment, even from strangers, can do a lot to brighten up someone's day. Teaching your kid to say kind words, is a great way for them to foster healthy relationships.

Stand Up Against a Bully 

Standing up against bullies is one act of kindness that you should encourage. Apart from protecting the bullied kid, confronting bullies can end bullying entirely. That's especially true when every child learns to do the same.

If your child can't stand up to the bully, they can escalate the matter to someone who will. They can resist bullying in style by wearing our fabulous t-shirts, dog tags, or wristbands from our empowerment shop

Leave Happy Messages and Thank You Notes for Someone 

Just like compliments, happy notes can make a child's day.  It's simple, write something that can leave a smile on a kid's face and drop it at their desks. A short message that says, "You are an amazing person," may be what the recipient needs to feel better about themselves.

Hold the Door Open 

Your children can spread kindness by opening the door for other kids behind them. While this requires minimal effort, it can go a long way in making them feel appreciated. It's also proper door etiquette and teaches them patience.

Do Someone's Chores Anonymously 

Encourage your child to provide acts of service for their siblings by helping them with one of their chores. Subsequently, you can model this behavior by volunteering to help friends and neighbors who need assistance with specific chores. You can also encourage them to visit their grandparents and help them clean up their homes.

Take Someone's Lunch Tray To the Trash

Getting rid of others' lunch trays after eating makes them feel loved and valued. When your kids do this for strangers, it also helps grow new friendships.

Trade Lunches With Someone They Don't Know 

You can add an extra snack to your child's lunch pack to trade with someone at school. This can help to improve their experience with food by allowing them to try new meals.

Leave Kindness Stones at the Park

Kindness stones are painted rocks that your kids can decorate with kind and inspiring words. Encourage them to get some and leave for other children in parks and other well-traveled places. Kids who find them feel special.

Play With Someone New 

You can teach your children to play with someone they haven't played with before. This can foster new friendships.

Final Words  

From decreased bullying to improved self-esteem, there are many reasons why you should teach your kids to be kind. It starts from random acts of kindness and grows to become a lifestyle that forms their personalities. As a parent, it's your responsibility to model kindness and empathy for your children. Start with small steps and take note of your child’s reactions before introducing new activities. 

If your child performs has performed a random act of kindness, we'd love to hear about it. So, feel free to comment using share it with us on Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget to follow!

We would love your comments, thoughts, and/or personal anonymoud stories of your child performing a random act of kindness. Please share in the comment section!


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