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Empower Kids with Powerful Affirmations

Updated: Apr 10

When your child returns home after a long day of being ridiculed, mocked, and, possibly, physically tortured, the last thing they need is another lecture! Skip the “You shouldn’t” this and “You shouldn’t” that and let them feel safe in the comfort of their home. Let them feel that they’re the lion of this jungle, in control and fearless!

Bullying Is Worse Than Before

Are you aware of all the different predicaments your child can go through? From the moment they step foot in school until the time to go home? Most continue to suffer while at home and cry themselves to sleep without letting the family in on the terrible situation.

If you still picture the bullies from your time, understand that the evil forces have stooped to new levels. Kids of this age go through worse physical and mental traumas than ever before.

How Children Suffer

There are horrific bullying stories that happen every day. Like the case of Seth, 10, who kept asking his mom for more and more lunch money before school each day. Yet, he came home hungry and got skinnier by the day. Any ideas why? You guessed it right – he was being threatened by an older kid to pay him if he didn’t want a beating!

And then there is cyberbullying, which is even worse in most cases. Sarah Butler, in seventh grade, was mocked at school and started receiving bullying messages on her social media page. It tormented her to the point that she hanged herself. She left a suicide note saying that she couldn’t handle what people were saying about her.

Protect Your Child Before It’s Too Late

What is the solution? Do you drive your child to school each day, knowing they’ll return more damaged than the day before? Or do you pull them out of school and keep them home under your loving arms where no evil can reach them?

As much as we want our kids under our wings all the time, it’s not practical! School cannot be avoided.

Instead, bring out the strongest side of your child, which will make sure he or she never suffers again at the hands of another individual.

The change will not come overnight. It’s a long transformation; deal with patience!

Instill Positive Affirmations – How Do They Help?

You’ll only see a confident, invincible individual in your child if you make them believe they are TOUGH, IMPORTANT, and CAN DO ANYTHING they set their mind to.

Notice that you aren’t telling them to “be” tough. Keep reminding the child that they already “are” tough, important, loved, and beautiful!

What they need to walk them through this phase in life is sheer audacity and a lot of self-confidence. Once you keep telling them that they’re worth something, they’ll start believing it.

Gear Them with The Right Weapons

Positive affirmations will act as a shield against the bullies while your kid is at school. They will also protect them against their negative thoughts while they’re home, recalling the mean things kids have been doing to them.







And that’s just the start…

Download the Affirmations List below and make it a habit to tell these to your child again and again until they start believing in them. Better yet, make them tell it to themselves.

They’ll need frequent doses afterward too, so they don’t forget.

Believe And Make Believe

You can’t make your child believe in something you don’t. You may need as much of a transformation of your thoughts as your kid. Remind yourself how amazing your son or daughter is. Believe that they will be confident and strong very soon – all they need is a little push from you.




Stand By Them

Let your kids know that you’ll stand with them through thick and thin and see how they automatically feel stronger against the bullies.

It’s human nature – we feel stronger when we know someone has our back. 



Taking It Easy




Another thing you need to make them understand is to take things easy.

One mistake, or even 20, isn’t worth throwing their life away.

A difference in clothing doesn’t give anyone the right to mock them for the rest of the school year. A bad haircut or a foreign accent doesn’t make them any less important than their classmates either.

Once your child believes that their personality and academics are substantial, there’s far less chance of them becoming a victim of bullying. Bullies tend to prey on weak kids, the ones who lack self-confidence. Bullying pushes them even further to achieve acceptance.

Once a child believes they’re already perfect, even with their mistakes, they’ll put up a much stronger resistance against bullying.


Dealing with bullying gradually dissolves a kid’s confidence. As a parent, you shouldn’t have to sit back and watch your child turn into a quiet, shy, and fearful soul who doesn’t have what it takes to face the world.

Help them restore their strength by encouraging them, being there with them, listening to them, and helping them deal with their problems constructively. Help them understand that it’s not their fault, and even if they make a mistake, it’s OK! Even when they don’t let you in on their secrets, let them know that you’ll always support them.

Hold on to the positive affirmations, repeat it to your kids, and tell them to say it to themselves each time negative thoughts or mean comments from bullies.


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