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Celebrating International Being You Day: A Guide for Parents to Empower Kids

International Being You Day, celebrated every June 22nd, is a special day dedicated to encouraging everyone, especially children, to embrace their unique identities. In a world where societal pressures and peer influences can sometimes overshadow individuality, parents must teach their kids the importance of being themselves. Here's how you can help your children develop self-confidence, empowerment, and resilience against bullying.

1. Encourage Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is the foundation of being true to yourself. Here are ways to bring it out in your child:

  • Encourage Exploration: Allow your children to explore their interests and passions without judgment. Whether it’s sports, arts, science, or any other activity, support their pursuits.

  • Celebrate Achievements: Recognize and celebrate both big and small accomplishments. This reinforces their sense of capability and boosts their confidence.

  • Positive Affirmations: Teach them the power of positive self-talk. Phrases like "I am capable," "I am unique," and "I can do this" can work wonders for their self-esteem.

2. Empower Them to Stand Up for Themselves

Empowerment means giving your children the tools they need to assert themselves respectfully and confidently.

  • Role-Playing Scenarios: Practice different scenarios where they might need to stand up for themselves. This could be dealing with a bully, saying no to peer pressure, or expressing their opinions.

  • Teach Assertive Communication: Help them understand the difference between being assertive and being aggressive. Encourage them to speak clearly and confidently about their feelings and needs.

  • Support Independence: Allow your children to make age-appropriate decisions. This can range from choosing their clothes to deciding on their extracurricular activities.

3. Equip Them to Handle Bullies

Bullying can severely impact a child's self-esteem. Equip them with strategies to deal with bullies effectively.

  • Recognize Bullying: Teach your kids to recognize different forms of bullying—physical, verbal, and cyberbullying. Awareness is the first step in tackling the issue.

  • Develop a Support System: Encourage them to talk to trusted adults—teachers, school counselors, or family members—if they encounter bullying.

  • Promote Kindness: Instill in your children the value of kindness and empathy. Often, bullies themselves are dealing with insecurities and unhappiness.

4. Encourage Authenticity Without Shame

Children should feel proud of who they are and unafraid to show it.

  • Model Authenticity: Be a role model by embracing your true self. Children learn by observing their parents. When they see you being unapologetically yourself, they are more likely to follow suit.

  • Celebrate Differences: Teach your kids to appreciate and respect differences in themselves and others. Diversity in thoughts, cultures, and appearances should be celebrated, not shamed.

  • Create a Safe Space: Make your home a safe space where your child feels free to express themselves without fear of criticism or ridicule.

5. Address Insecurity and Its Impact

Children can sense insecurity in others, and it can affect how they interact with peers.

  • Open Discussions: Have open and honest conversations about insecurity and how it can manifest in behavior. This helps them understand that bullying often stems from the bully's own insecurities.

  • Build Emotional Intelligence: Help your kids develop emotional intelligence by teaching them to identify and manage their own emotions and recognize those of others.

6. Teach Them That Being Themselves is Attractive

The most attractive quality in a person is their ability to be themselves.

  • Highlight Role Models: Introduce them to role models who are celebrated for being themselves. This could be through books, movies, or real-life examples.

  • Emphasize Inner Beauty: Teach them that true beauty and attractiveness come from within—kindness, confidence, and authenticity are far more appealing than superficial appearances.

  • Celebrate Uniqueness: Regularly remind them that their unique traits are what make them special and loved.


International Being You Day is an excellent opportunity to reinforce these values in your children. By fostering self-confidence, empowering them to stand up for themselves, equipping them to handle bullies, encouraging authenticity, addressing insecurity, and teaching them the attractiveness of being themselves, you are setting the foundation for a lifetime of self-assuredness and happiness. Celebrate this day by engaging in activities that honor and uplift your child’s unique spirit.


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