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Hello, I'm Mona

Being a single mother to an 11-year-old navigating the challenges of middle school, I've witnessed my son face bullying numerous times. Encouraging him to confide in me, he's learned to navigate his battles, even if it meant facing suspension for standing up for himself.

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My Story

I'm a single mother. My boy is 11 years old and just started middle school. My son got bullied, not once, not twice but several times since the start of his school life. The bullying began while he was still in elementary school and continued through middle school.

The one thing I always taught him was to share with me - tell me everything. Eventually, he learned how to fight his own battles, also when to fight, and when not to. He even got suspended for standing up for himself, but, looking at the bigger picture, he learned not to let himself be victimized.
He took all the advice I gave him on how to stand up for himself, and also how to ignore. Through my blogs, I’ll be sharing all my advice with you guys. Together, we can protect our kids, if not eliminate bullying altogether.    
- Mona


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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