Parenting: Top 25 Gifts Under $25!

Top 25 Gifts Under $25!

Top 25 Gifts Under $25!

Do you have trouble finding the right gifts for your children? Well, we completely understand. There are times when we lose track of time, are completely uninspired,  or just simply just don’t have the money! Fortunately, we have come up with our Top 25 Gifts Under $25 List that will solve your Christmas shopping troubles. The best part is that you do not have to go broke for the holidays.  Keep your children in smiles with our Top 25 Gifts Under $25!

1. Stack the Cash!

One Christmas, our Founder, Mona Symone, decided to give cash to her son so he could simply buy whatever he wanted. Here’s the genius part, she chose an appropriate amount and turned the cash into all singles! Single dollars give the illusion of having MORE money, which children absolutely love! If you plan on giving cash this year, head to the bank and ask for $25 in singles. Imagine the look on their faces when they see a “whole bunch of money” 😊. The same holds true for other Christmas gifts. Ever heard of the dollar store? You can get 25 gifts from the dollar store and make your Christmas tree look FULFILLED. Your child will feel Amazing looking at all the gifts they are about to receive. So, visit the dollar store and stock up on candy, chips, or small toys: they make great stocking stuffers too!


2. Inspire Your Child with the Fearless Collection from the I’m Just Me Brand. (Teal)

Being fearless means your child has the confidence to face the day and any challenges that might come their way and not be afraid to stand up for themselves! We all need a dose of bravery from time to time! Our awesome Fearless shirt can be paired with the stylish and durable matching dog tag and wristband! Send your child out into the world #FEARLESS!

3. Say Cheese and Melt Their Hearts

Place your child’s BFFs or pets in awesome picture frames! Search your phone, get with other parents, or social media accounts for photos of your child with their friends, and/or family pets. Try adding a fancy border in a free photo editing app and send it to print. A quick and inexpensive gift that is thoughtful and easy! Photo printers such as Walgreens and Walmart can also turn your prints into collages or calendars. Don’t forget your coupons!  Go the extra mile with a cute frame from the dollar store and you have lasting memories for your child to enjoy. As a fun activity, you can help them find places around the house to display their new photos memories.  ❤️

4. Get the Never a Victim Collection from the I’m Just Me Brand. (Pink)

Put an end to bullying and empower your child before it starts! Refusing to be a victim can be achieved by creating a game plan with your child detailing how they should respond to aggressive students with confidence. This awesome shirt can be paired with the stylish and durable matching dog tag and wristband! Send a message to bullies #NEVERAVICTIM!

5. Popular Posters!

For some reason, Anime has captured the hearts of kids across America. This includes boys and girls from toddlers to teens. Fortunately, posters of their favorite characters are quite affordable. Try Amazon, Walmart, and Target for wall art, posters, and canvas designs such as the ones from Naturo. We have seen some fabulous canvas’ on Etsy under $25 to include this one!

6. The I’m Unstoppable Collection (Teal)

One can never hear too many affirmations. I’m Unstoppable is an affirmation that boldly declares your child can and will do anything they set their mind to because nothing can stop them. Add this graphic design to your child’s wardrobe and watch them as they actively pursue their goals. This awesome shirt can be paired with the stylish and durable matching dog tag and wristband! Send a message to HATERS #IMUNSTOPPABLE!

7. Personalized Chocolates!

Imagine your child’s sweet face on a candy bar wrapper! Personalized gifts add an extra element of delight when it comes to gift-giving. You can choose from holiday templates or upload your own designs. Yummy and made especially for your candy lover. We’re sure you’ve seen personalized M&M’s. This is what makes custom M&M’s a real treat! You can add special messages to these delicious treats, that inspire, motivates, and puts an amazing grin on your child’s face. #youareamazing

8. Your Problem Is Not My Problem! Collection from the I’m Just Me Brand. (Teal)

This collection is bold enough to state, your problems WILL NOT become my problems! Your child needs a tee like this in their collection for those days when they just don’t want to be stressed or endure transferred negativity. Because that’s not their problem, period! Especially from bullies. Remind your child to protect their personal space and energy. We are not allowing bad energy from others to rub off on us! Get the matching wristband and dog tag to complete the collection! #YOURPROBLEMISNOTMINE #period

9. Gift Cards Anyone?

How awesome did you feel when you got a gift card to get gas, get coffee from Dunkin’ or Starbucks, Amazon, or just to your favorite store?! It’s the small things that matter 😊. If you have a kid that likes to play electronic games then you know they like to make in-app purchases whether that means buying tokens/coins, a new wardrobe, or unlocking characters in their virtual world. Every time our Founder, Mona Symone, gave her son a $10 gift card to the Playstation store he was crazy excited. Consider what gift card your child would absolutely love that can be applied to their favorite store or online platform!

10. Challenge Accepted! Collection from the I’m Just Me Brand.

Challenges will only make your child stronger, and wearing a tee like this is an incredible way to support their inner strength and build their courage. Teach your child to be persistent when it comes to going after what they want. Encourage them to achieve their personal best with enthusiasm! Build upon the warrior they have inside. Get the matching wristband and dog tag to complete the collection! #CHALLENGEACCEPTED!


11. No, I Do Not Want To Hear the Latest TikTok Video – Put on these Headphones!

The gift of headphones is incredibly practical for all ages. They break. They get lost. They are borrowed and never returned. We’ve all been there.  This is exactly why I will not allow influencers and commercials to convince me that $300 headphones are necessary. Your child’s headphones do not have to be Beats by Dre. There are dozens of options available for inexpensive models, including wireless. Gift your child a pair of inexpensive headphones! We’ve seen some amazing colorful/neon options on Amazon.

12. Hating Me Won’t Make You Love Yourself! Powerful Collection from the I’m Just Me Brand.

Let me tell you something bullies, haters, and provokers! We’ve got a message for you!

Your hate and negativity have nothing on me and “Hating Me Won’t Make You Love Yourself.”

Help your child take a stand against the haters who may underestimate your child with this bold and powerful t-shirt. There’s pride in self-love, and this tee will become your child’s favorite! Bullies should really ask themselves, “Who am I really upset with?”  The answer… themselves. A Their issue is really not with your child. Let’s stop the hate! Get the matching wristband and dog tag to complete the collection! #HATINGMEWONTMAKEYOULOVEYOURSELF. #period

13. Empower Their Passions with Discounts!

As a parent, you can immediately recognize your child’s exceptional skills. They may have talents in cooking, coding, dancing, art, and more! A class or activity from Groupon makes for an excellent weekend activity, provides significant discounts, and promotes their talent! Get a Groupon to a martial arts class or benefit from reduced admission to arcades, museums, aquariums, cooking classes… the options are endless. Don’t forget painting classes, and music lessons too! Get them empowered with a Groupon!

14. Forever Me! Signature Collection from the I’m Just Me Brand.

Help your child celebrate themselves for being the unique person they are! Just them. This collection symbolizes the exploration of all parts of what makes them who they are: hair, height, skin tone, talents, and more. Get the matching wristband and dog tag that is also in the collection! #FOREVERME!


15. Let’s Get Personal!

Imagine your child falling asleep with an amazing personalized blanket, or waking up to their favorite image on their pillow? Etsy is the go-to platform for all things personalized for all ages.

16. Nope, Not Today! Unisex T-shirt from the I’m Just Me Brand.

Imagine a t-shirt with the power to be an ultimate hater blocker. This shirt sends the right message! Your non-sense is not welcome and I am not here for your crap today! Begone! This is the perfect t-shirt for your child to social distance themself from bad vibes and negative energy. It sends a strong warning. This collection is perfect for the current climate that we face.  Social distancing works for bad vibes and negative energy just like avoiding nasty germs. Getaway!

17. Are Bean Bag Chairs Still Cool? We think so!

Maybe not so much for an adult apartment (no shade), but they sure are perfect for a child’s room! Get comfy with a bean bag chair! Remember cozying up in a bean bag chair when you were younger? It’s hard not to smile when you can get comfy no matter what position you manage to twist yourself into. Bean bag chairs are a simple way to add instant joy and comfort. Not only that, they come in a variety of colors. Amazon, Walmart, and Land’s End have models around the $25 mark to help you stay on budget. Gift a bean bag chair in your child’s favorite color. #YAY

18. The Never a Victim Collection in Teal!

We’ve mentioned this previously on our list but this collection comes in a sweet, cool, teal collection. You can turn me into a victim. The victim mindset can prevent children from reaching their full potential and there is no time for that. ‘Never A Victim’ is a tangible way to remind your child that they are capable of greatness and have limitless potential. This awesome shirt can be paired with the stylish and durable matching dog tag and wristband! Send a message to bullies #NEVERAVICTIM!


19. Let’s Talk About Personal Hygiene (Yes, as a gift!)

As children grow into teens, their specific request items of course change as they need to may need to fit in more. Let’s talk about personal hygiene items! For girls, this may mean brushes, sprays, lip gloss, certain panties, hair ties, and lotions. While boys may benefit from, deodorant, gum, razors, aftershave, lotions, curl sponge, gel, boxers, etc. You know your child better than we do! You can totally get these items individually. This means you have greater control over your budget versus purchasing an expensive premade set. Make your own pre-made gift sets and control your own budget! The I’m Just Me brand has its own personal Just Taking a Stand Power Box complete with items from our entire collection that you can choose from! Need a special discount? Message us on Facebook!

20. I AM A FORCE! Collection from the I’m Just Me Brand

Let loose their power within! Let this bold pink and teal design be a reminder to your child that nothing can stand in the way of their dreams. Your child will make it, no matter what! Your child is a force to be reckoned with. Your child is the best there is! Send your child out into the world to be a #FORCE to be reckoned with!

21. How Can You Be Board When We Have Board Games?

Remember when someone slapped a “draw four” on your Uno card? The shame… the horror! LOL Can we please get back to basics and take a break from the online world?! If your child becomes bored with the traditional board game, there are several other upgraded options. Take the classic, Monopoly, for example. While you might have heard of Monopoly Junior, did you also know there are several other versions including Super Mario, Pizza, Super Electronic Banking, Avengers, and even Game of Thrones (granted the latter will not be for the children)? There are dozens of spins offered for this classic game. Enough to keep your kids entertained each day of the week for a month. There are so many board games that can be purchased for way under $25! Board games make an amazing family night!

22. Kinda Sweet. Kinda Savage. Kinda Me. Period! Collection from the I’m Just Me Brand (Pink)

Not every day is going to be like the last. Moods change. These are important truths that your daughter should know. Your child does go through those “extra confident” moments, and this fun tee is perfect for expressing your child’s personality at those moments. After all, who are we without a little spice! Pair this amazing design with a matching pink and black dog tag and wristband. #KINDASAVAGE

23. Did You Break Your Phone Again?

Let’s face it, most of us probably never had a phone as a child. We can’t even remember if cell phones were out back then and we don’t want to. Today, your child having a phone is necessary, 1) to ensure your child is safe and is always where they’re supposed to be and 2) just to keep our sanity! (let’s be real) It’s BEYOND necessary in today’s world. If your child has a cell phone, you know how important it is to keep it protected. Raise your hand if you’ve ever replaced a cracked screen or simply bought a new phone because it was simply cheaper? Christmas is an excellent time to stock up on a phone case or two. Get a stylish phone protector that shows off your child’s style like floating glitter or their favorite action or cartoon characters. While shopping for a cool case, be sure to get a screen protector! These come way under our $25 budget!

24. The I’m Unstoppable Collection from the I’m Just Me Brand (Pink)

One can never have too many affirmations but this one is in a stylish pink! Add this graphic design to your child’s wardrobe and watch them as they actively pursue their goals with an unbeatable attitude. This awesome shirt can be paired with the stylish and durable matching dog tag and wristband! Send a message to HATERS #IMUNSTOPPABLE!


25. Kinda Sweet. Kinda Savage. Kinda Me. Period. Collection (Teal)

Kids need room to grow into themselves and their personalities. This means exploring the rough and tumble; the chill and calm, or the helpful and kind. If your child is feeling themselves (as they should), then this awesome tee is perfect for expressing your child’s personality. In the end, it’s their personality differences that make them shine. Pair this amazing design with a matching pink and black dog tag and wristband. #KINDASAVAGE

We hope you feel inspired by our Top 25 Gifts Under $25 List! Christmas does not have to be stressful. Keep it personal, sentimental, and most of all keep it under $25!  Please be sure to share this list with friends, family, and colleagues or with anyone else you know that could use help finding the right gift for their child. These suggestions are also perfect for adults! If you like our Top 25 Gifts Under $25 List – please comment below, please be sure to share any creative ideas you may also have. Thank you!

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