My Kid Was Bullied: When Should I CONFRONT to the OTHER Parent?

As a parent, few things will break your heart like seeing your child hurt due to bullying. Besides the fear, low self-esteem, sadness, and loneliness that accompany bullying, your kid may also experience devastating physical symptoms. Worse still, bullying is one of the reasons many children develop suicidal thoughts and kill themselves. So, it’s understandable…

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Parenting: Top 25 Gifts Under $25!

Top 25 Gifts Under $25!

Top 25 Gifts Under $25! Do you have trouble finding the right gifts for your children? Well, we completely understand. There are times when we lose track of time, are completely uninspired,  or just simply just don’t have the money! Fortunately, we have come up with our Top 25 Gifts Under $25 List that will…

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