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By Mona Symone | June 17, 2020

Check out these top 50 stay-at-home activities to keep yourself and your kids entertained and busy during stressful times. Free printable activity list inside!

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Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Relieve Stress & Anxiety: Our Top 50 Activities (Just for you)

By Mona Symone | June 18, 2020

Scrambling to find child-appropriate activities while you keep your parental priorities intact is a struggle, we know that the pressure is on!

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Time to Let Go

Time to Let Go – That is Not a Friend!

By Mona Symone | June 21, 2020

Not every friend may necessarily be a friend for life. Every once in a while, a kid will need to
decide which friends are worth keeping and which are not. They need to be able to pull
themselves out of a toxic relationship before it inflicts more pain. Continue reading to learn how
you can teach them to let go…

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Social Media Bullying

Social Media Bullying – Protect Your Child Before It’s Too Late

By Mona Symone | June 22, 2020

Jessica Logan, was a beautiful, blue-eyed girl from Ohio High School back in 2008. She was a cheerful little girl, without a worry in the world… up until…

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Empower Kids

Empower Kids With Powerful Positive Affirmations

By Mona Symone | September 7, 2020

When your child returns home after a long day of school, just let them feel amazing with powerful affirmations! Let them feel they’re the lion of this jungle, in control and fearless!

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Children being bullied warning

Children Being Bullied Warning Signs

By Mona Symone | October 10, 2020

Imagine your child’s lunch is ripped out of their hands and slammed to the floor while the entire lunchroom laughs uncontrollably. Picture your child being embarrassed and brought…

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About Me

By Mona Symone | October 27, 2020

Hi, I’m Mona,

I am a working Mother to a beautiful 12-year-old boy. My son was bullied several times. Although I took immediate action, the one thing I always taught him was to tell me everything! Eventually, he learned how to fight his own battles – when to fight and when not too. It is my mission to help kids across the world to stand up to bullies.

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A Time to Fight Back - Bullying

Bullying: A Time to Fight Back!

By Mona Symone | November 16, 2020

Being Me: “Mom, he slapped me in front of everyone & threw my backpack in the garbage!” A Time to Fight Back (Or Not) – True Stories “What If…

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Back to School & Back to ME!

Being Me: Back to School & Back to ME!

By Mona Symone | August 3, 2021

Being Me: “Mom, he slapped me in front of everyone & threw my backpack in the garbage!” A Time to Fight Back (Or Not) – True Stories “What If…

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I'm Just Me - So Fresh and Unbothered - Bullying.

Being Me: So Fresh & Unbothered

By Mona Symone | October 31, 2021

We use clothes as a source of inspiration. It is an opportunity to express our likes, interests, and opinions. It should make a power statement and reflect who we are inside.

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